Dezember 2019 (English)

This time it’s Andreas. A suicide attempt behind bars


Today a massage reached us: Andreas attempted to commit suicide, which unfortunately does not surprise us. The state he is in is frightening and it is a long, painful journey that he is going through. On one hand because of the walls that surround him and on the other hand it is his medical condition that makes life impossible for him. He barely survived the suicide attempt. Therefore we would like to launch another call for solidarity as long as it is still possible!

Andreas Krebs, who is in prison in Naples, has to go to hospital urgently, but is still denied. His lawyer is working hard in Naples. But you also have to take action wherever you are. It’s about the survival of Andreas. You can donate money or make Andreas‘ case known in all possible ways. It’s best to start already tonight tearing down the walls of the jails that are killing our friends. There are thousands of methods for this action. Think of one, get together with your friends and become active. A simple step that you can take with pleasure, even if it doesn’t waver a wall but is recommended by Andreas‘ lawyer, is to call the German ambassador tomorrow morning after brushing your teeth and fuck them up about the situation of our comrade.

Mr. Besken (Ambassador) 0039649213285

Andreas‘ condition is very critical. He has been diagnosed with kidney cancer, now he suffers from water retention in the body, suggesting a complete kidney failure soon. He has to pay for the urgently needed medication, court reports and halfway decent food himself. If you can donate money:

Recipient: Krebs

IBAN: DE 90 1005 0000 1067 1474 26


Purpose: Donation/Andreas Krebs



His address to write to him (specify a sender!):

Andreas Krebs

Sez.4 /Stz.5


Via Roma Verso Scampia 250

CAP 80144 Napoli (NA)


Encourage him and other prisoners and make sure we soon live in a world without jails.

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